So you’ve read the What to Expect page, and checked out the How Does a Documentary Session Feel testimonials at the bottom of that page, but maybe you still have a few questions. Here’s some of my most frequently asked questions. If you have one not listed, make sure to e-mail me so I can add it to the list!

πŸ“· How many hours is a typical session?

Since every family, and activity is different, this obviously varies based on what you will be doing.   On average, families spend between 2 & 3 hours in a session with me.   The minimum amount of time I spend with a family is 1 hour so that families have a chance to be themselves.

πŸ“· How many digital images do I receive? Do I have to purchase prints?

Each package is built with an idea of the average number of images that will come from the amount of time we will spend together. I no longer require families to purchase printed products, but I still believe that a professional photographer should provide you not only with professional services, but professionally printed products. I include 3 digital images (printable to an 8×10) for each $100 in printed products for families to then have printed at the lab of their choice.

πŸ“· My kids can be a hot mess some days.  What happens then?

I believe real life can be beautiful, even in the midst of difficulties.  That being said, everybody has times that we aren’t at our best, so it’s important to choose an activity and time that everyone will be as comfortable as possible. We can take a brief pause during your shooting time to recenter if necessary.

πŸ“· Do you offer mini-sessions?  

Due to the nature of documentary photography and the need for time to be yourselves, I do not offer mini-sessions.

πŸ“· I don’t feel like my house is photo-worthy (it’s too small, dark, cluttered, etc).  How do you work around that?

I think a lot of people worry about this. It’s important to remember that our focus is on the people and relationships. I use my knowledge of light and professional gear to help handle darker situations. I also use various shooting angles, as well as different framing and composition techniques, to avoid distracting elements when shooting. In the end though, your environment can be a sweet reminder of the home and life you are building, and will be a beautiful memory in your future.

πŸ“· I read you don’t use props or posing. What if I want those things?

If there are things that would normally occur in your environment, for example a lovey for a small child, those are perfect and I would want to know about them ahead of time. In addition, every session includes 1 posed picture. The rest of our time, the focus needs to remain on the interaction and your story.

πŸ“· I’m struggling to think about an activity our family does together.   Do you have suggestions?

While I have a list of things we can talk about (and you can see my portfolio for some inspiration), it’s more important that your family do something together that they normally enjoy doing. I find that once I begin talking with a family, they have many beautiful everyday things that are perfect for a session. So go on and fill out that form below.

Still have more questions? Let's Chat!

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